Guinea Conakry, officially called the Republic of Guinea is found on the West coast of Africa, between Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone. Guinea has an estimated population of 13 million and is home to various ethnic groups. Conakry, which is the capital of the country, is the largest city and is home to more than one million people. The country is richly endowed with minerals and this sector provides enormous foreign exchange earnings for the government.

Value Chains 


Guinea was one of the world’s leading producers of pineapples, accounting for a significant volume of world export in the 1960s, before rapidly declining to virtually no exports in the 2000s. This crop has great potential due to the high demand for pineapple on international and regional markets.

Guinean farmers essentially practice subsistence agriculture, cultivating small plots of land to feed themselves and their families.

Reviving the pineapple sector requires a systemic approach. In addition to a strengthened enabling environment, guaranteed buyers and adequate training that supports the productivity and value chain improvement.

The objective of the project is to take advantage of opportunities to add value and migrate to new and higher-level activities along the value chain.