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Information and Communications Technology

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Textile and Garment

West African Textile and Garment Industry has experienced rapid growth in recent times. It has helped drive Africa’s industrial transformation…Continue reading Textile and Garment


The West Africa Competitiveness Programme (WACOMP), funded by the European Union, aims to support several selected value chains at the national and regional level so as to promote structural transformation and better access to regional and international markets while taking into account social and environmental concerns. The Programme was adopted under the 11th European Union Development Fund (EDF) Regional Indicative Programme for a total amount of €120m.

The major objectives of the programme are to strengthen the competitiveness of West African countries and also enhance their integration into the regional and international trading system. To reach this overarching goal, the programme will work to:

  • improve performance, growth and contribution to the industry,
  • regional trade and exports of selected value chains,
  • and improve the business climate

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