In August 2023, UNIDO concluded an exciting 5-day workshop on packaging, made possible by the financial support of the European Union in Sierra Leone. This workshop gathered 27 participants from both, the public and private sector, marking a crucial step towards empowering Sierra Leone’s SMEs to bring their packaging practices in alignment with international standards.

The workshop underscored the pivotal role packaging plays in ensuring product quality, enhancing brand perception, and facilitating market entry. Every country faces unique packaging challenges, and Sierra Leone is no exception. UNIDO workshop offered potential strategies and solutions to tackle these challenges in Sierra Leone, particularly placing a spotlight on eco-friendly materials and practices. Participants gained valuable insights into sustainable packaging solutions and their environmental benefits.

By enhancing packaging practices, UNIDO aims to help SMEs take their products to new heights, enhancing their market appeal and competitiveness. Improved packaging not only ensures product quality but also extends shelf life, opening doors to a wider consumer base and export opportunities.