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UNIDO and ITC holds Synergy Meeting. Geneva

To ensure effective implementation, given the overall objectives of WACOMP and the different implementing agencies contributing to the overall project on the regional level, a synergy between the implementing partners is key;

This synergy needs to take effect on the launching of WACOMP. Both UNIDO and ITC extensively discussed on their mode of collaboration on the implementation of their respective subcomponents. This led to the elaboration of an ITC – UNIDO joint approach for the implementation of the WACOMP. 

In the meeting, further discussions between the agencies both at the regional coordination unit and the Headquarters led to the development of a joint work plan for the implementation of activities.

On the 17th of May 2019, the UNIDO Regional Technical Coordination Team participated in a meeting organized by ECOWAS to welcome ITC’s Coordination team that would be based in ECOWAS. 

Among other issues, the teams discussed how to conduct joint activities in order to avoid duplication.

Also, both UNIDO and ITC met in Geneva at ITC headquarters in July 2019 to initiate a process for developing a joint work plan, which led to the development of a joint questionnaire and guidelines for national consultants with regards to Component 2.2. This was later followed up by a meeting in September 2019 that culminated in a joint work plan of activities to be implemented up to the last quarter of 2020.

On the 3rd of October 2019, both UNIDO and ITC Regional coordination units meet in Abuja to follow up on the meetings that were held in Geneva, and to discuss upcoming activities up to December 2019.  Among other issues discussed was the completion of the UNIDO-ITC work plan and activities to be implemented by December 2019.