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WACOMP WEEKLY: The week in review

WACOMP holds regional coordination meeting

On the 25th September 2020, at the regional level, there was a WACOMP coordination meeting between the ECOWAS Commission, the UEMOA Commission and the regional technical implementing partners, namely the International Trade Center (ITC) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It was an opportunity for the partners to present activities that have been done and discuss the upcoming activities.

Ghana conducts a series of Training

At the national level, the national component in Ghana conducted an E-commerce Training on Researching Costumers, Competitors & Content. At the training, participants learnt how to create customer personas for the selected value chains in Ghana. Coupled with this, participants learnt about free digital tools that can help their business create appealing digital content.

Also in Ghana, a virtual webinar was held in partnership with Globally Cool, an organization that helps in accelerating international businesses, to discuss the development of Sector Export Marketing Plans (SEMP) with a special focus on exotic fruits & how to prepare for virtual exhibitions for mango & pineapple.

On 24th September 2020, there was an e-commerce webinar that focused on “E-commerce Business Models & best practices.” A poll conducted showed that 88% of SMEs sell directly to consumers.

Sierra Leone holds ISO standards Webinar

In Sierra Leone, there was a webinar on “Food Safety Management System (ISO22000) & its relevance for SMEs operating in Food Value Chains”.

In the 2nd webinar of the series on quality management standards, WACOMP presented the requirements of #ISO22000 to more than 50 SMEs in Sierra Leone. The focus was mainly on prerequisite programs (PRPs) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan.

On 25th September 25, 2020, there was a remote internal auditor course at Sierra Leone Standards Bureau. The course was specifically on #ISO 17025 and ISO 19011 with the aim to further build competencies of the future auditors!